Self-storage for Business

Self-storage for business use is a growing market in the U.K. More and more businesses are benefiting from owning a storage unit for all their business needs. It comes with many different advantages.

One of the biggest benefits of using self- storage for businesses is the level of security. Tiger Self Storage have state of the art CCTV, fully alarmed building, customer personalised access code and the property is gated and locked at night offering the highest quality security. This would put your mind at ease and leave you worry free.

The accessibility is great, you will have your own access code and you can come and go from your unit 7 days a week. Having all of your business goods in one place means you can keep your business life separate from your personal life, if you have all of you business goods and paperwork around your home it may make you feel like you never stop working but keeping them separate well help in dividing work life and business life.

On site assistance is also available for example we can accept deliveries if you are not available to take in.

Contact us now for further information or call us on 01724 858508

Going Travelling?

Nowadays travelling is such a big thing and loads of people want to go and explore the big wide world for all it has to offer.
The big question is what do you do with all your belongings whilst you are half way around the world having the time of your life? Well Tiger Self Storage has the answer, we can help you pick out the perfect unit for storing all of your personal belongings. Our expert team will be able to assist you in finding the perfect unit to keep all of your prize possessions safe. So, wherever you are in the world you can bank on all your personal items being safe.

Worried about how long you will need the storage for? You can store your items for as long as you would like. The good news is we can always accommodate our customers, if you know you are going for a certain amount of time you can pay for all of your storage up front or if you aren’t sure how long you will be gone, we can set you up on a rolling payment where you just pay month to month and this can be cancelled at any time. If you pay for all your storage up front and decided you want to keep traveling and therefore still need the storage space, we can set you up for rolling payment so you won’t have to worry.

Self Storage Scunthorpe

Moving Tips

Moving house is a stressful time, but here at Tiger Self Storage we can offer you some great advice to make moving a more manageable task. The first step is decluttering, if you declutter first then you will only be left with the things that you actually want. This will make packing an easier task.
Pack early, as so many people underestimate how long it can take to pack up a house thinking that they have more time than they do. We would recommend starting at least two months before, but start off small, so a box or two a day and you will be well underway.

The next step would be to start packing the things you use the least, Christmas decorations are one of the best examples of this because you will only need these once a year. Pack the small things like ornaments and decorative pieces, these are very time consuming to pack correctly but they are not needed for day to day living.

Scunthorpe Self Storage

Pack one room at a time and then move on, don’t start packing some things from one room and some things from another because that way it will be hard to keep organised.

Don’t over pack your boxes especially if you are using cardboard boxes. The reasoning for this is if you over fill your boxes you run the danger of the box breaking and damaging your goods. Another reason for not over packing a box is to keep its shape for more convenient storage, if the boxes are all the same size and kept in shape, they will stack easily for more organised storing. Another little tip for boxing up your goods is filling empty spaces in the box with newspaper to keep the items in the boxes secure.

Finally, always label your boxes!

We hope all these tips help for a less stressful move.

Pricing & Offers

Here at Tiger Self Storage we want the best deals for our customers and we will beat any genuine quote like for like. We offer a range of different units that vary in price, all relevant to the size of the units. We care about our customers and we want to make sure they get a great facility for a great price.

We have shaken up our monthly offers now with even better value. We are offering our customers 1-month free (minimum of 3 months), 2 months free (minimum of 6 months), 3 months free (minimum of 12 months). We are also offering great merchandise that will come in handy when it comes to putting your belongings into storage. This affordable merchandise includes boxes, tape, markers, bubble wrap and padlocks!

Our Security

Tiger Self Storage Limited is a fantastic self storing facility that offers state of the art security to keep all of your belongings safe. We have 24 hours CCTV surveillance, a quality alarm system and this all sits behind a locked gate. We work very hard here to keep the store facilities clean and tidy for top quality storing conditions.

This month we are offering our customers some amazing deals, for example, a whole month of free storage to celebrate our opening month. We are also giving away free merchandise to assist our customers in their storing needs.

We welcome everyone to come by and check out our new facility. We have friendly staff who are more than happy to help with any enquires. Please do not hesitate to get in touch via phone, email or generally popping in, we would love to meet you.

self storage scunthorpe

Tiger Self Storage now open in Scunthorpe!

Tiger Self Storage are happy to announce that we have a brand new self storage facility now open in Scunthorpe. Our new centre offers simple, clean and convenient storage with no hidden fees. We offer a variety of units ranging from lockers to 150sqft which are more than capable of meeting your storage needs whilst all being at a reasonable price.

Our new website is also now online which can give you a great deal of information on what we can offer and how we can assist you. For example, our space estimator allows you to calculate the size of storage required to meet your needs together with the cost. Check out our website at to learn more.