How to make the most of your storage unit

Try to box your things up room by room in your house and label each box, label the boxes by what room they come out of and what the content of the box is for example Matt’s room ‘toys’ this might sound a bit basic but once all these boxes go into storage they all look the same and you won’t be able to remember what is in what boxes a few months down the line. As a result of doing this when it comes to moving out and unloading the unit you will be able to find everything you are looking for so much faster thus saving time.

This is one tip that doesn’t get enough credit and that’s keep all your boxes the same size, if you keep all your boxes the same size and pack them full you can stack them on top of each other perfectly and make the most of every inch of space. Boxes don’t stack well if they are all different sizes and you will end up wasting space. If a box isn’t quite full fill it with something like news paper so the box doesn’t collapse in on itself. Should you wish to buy boxes from us here is a link to our online store:

When it comes to packing out your unit, organise the unit by putting the least needed things at the back and the most used things at the front for easy access this is only relevant if you will be coming and going from your unit, if you are putting it in and leaving it and this isn’t an issue then pack it as tight as possible.

If you can break it down do it! The thought of breaking furniture down to rebuild it at a later date is a headache but it means you will be able to utilise your unit space so much more efficiently as a result you might save yourself money because you won’t need such a big unit.

What happens if I still can’t fit it all in? Don’t worry, upgrading your unit is always an option. If you find you still can’t get it all in you can upgrade to a bigger unit or you can take out a secondary unit for anything you couldn’t quite make fit.

Clothes Storage

Good news winter is on its way out! You know what that means, time to get the summer cloths on and pack those bulky winter cloths away! However, where are you going to put them? We know how frustrating it can be having nowhere to put all your winter cloths so why not put them into storage for the summer and keep your bedroom clutter free.

Did you know that clothes are one of the biggest forms of clutter in the average house hold so how good would it be to put all your unwanted clothes into storage and only keep the ones you need, well at Tiger Self Storage

you can! We have ideal storage options for you that are perfect when it comes to decluttering your wardrobe. We understand how frustrating it can be having wardrobes full of nice cloths that you don’t want to get rid of but you just don’t have the space for.

It doesn’t just have to be for the summer, you can keep your perfect unit for as long as you want so as the seasons change you can organise your storage around what you need and when you will need it.

When it comes to storing clothes, we recommend one of two ways to store. The first way is put everything in vacuumed bags, you can fill the bag as much as you like then suck all the air out of it and have it vacuumed packed for maximum storage space. The other options is stackable plastic boxes, these are great because you can fit a lot of items in and stack them perfectly saving some much space in your unit or locker, using these storing options your things will also stay dust free.

Vist our website to find out more or contact us 01724 858508 info@tiger-

Moving Home

Moving home can be a stressful time but when it comes to storage we want to make it as easy as possible for you.

We offer a wide range of storage units that vary in shapes and sizes so we can offer all of our clients a wide variety of options. We aim to cater for everyones storage needs as much as possible. Our colleges will offer the best advice based on the information you provide them to ensure each customer receives the most cost effective storage option.

We try to be as flexible as possible we it comes to moving in, we can offer you a unit on the day you need it or you can schedule a date you wish to move in. Sometimes out clients need units right away, in that case you can take a unit on any given day as long as you have 2 forms of ID with you or you can put a £10.00 reservation fee down to guarantee yourself a specific unit, this gives you a 30 day time period where you can come in at any point within those 30 days and take your unit out whenever is best for you. If you reserve a unit for a specific date but want the unit early that is also something we can do for you.

A lot of people don’t know this but all clients also have the option to transfer units, this means you can transfer between a smaller or a bigger unit depending on what your storage needs are. For example, if you take out a unit and start filling it on the lead up to your house sale and fill that unit you can transfer to a bigger unit to keep all your items in one place. The same goes for moving into a smaller unit, its very common that people still need storage after a house move but do not need such a big unit, as a result we can transfer you to a smaller unit on the same day.

At Tiger Self Storage we also sell merchandise to ensure that you have everything you need in one place. We also offer moving packs from small to large which is a cost effective way of purchasing the boxes, tape etc that you may need.

We offer all of out clients the option of one month free for a three-month minimum stay, six weeks free for a six-month minimum stay, eight weeks free for a twelve-month minimum stay or the offer of a free van hire with additional discounts. We do also offer an additional 10% military, NHS and police discount that can be applied after valid ID is shown

A lot of people ask the question ‘how safe are my things in storage?’ and the answer is VERY safe. We offer 24-hour CCTV monitoring the inside and outside of the business, our building is locked and gated at night as well as fully alarmed. We also have a member of staff on the reception desk during all of our opening hours. Not to mention all of our clients get a personalised access code so we can track who is in the building at all times, so you can leave your things with us knowing they will be safe.

If you would like local removal team recommendations just email or call us and we will do our best to help you out.

COVID-19 Business Update

Tiger Self Storage Limited is taking the current situation with CORONAVIRUS very seriously.

Safety as always remains our highest priority and we are ensuring that cleaning and hygiene protocols are even more rigorous than usual

In the face of much uncertainty we will be reviewing the official guidance on an ongoing basis, we have altered our customer service process as below to ensure that the social distancing guidelines are met:

  • Quotations will be provided via email, website or telephone
  • Reservations will be dealt with via the website, telephone or email
  • Storage bookings will be dealt with entirely over the telephone or email
  • Storage Agreements will be left within the storage unit booked ready for signature. The agreement is then to be posted in our secure drop box as indicated, to entirely eradicate the need for face to face conversing
  • All customers will be provided their personalised access code via email or telephone so that they may access their storage unit without the need to enter reception

As a company we are keeping a very close eye on what the World Health Organisation (WHO) are saying and we will continue to monitor and act on recommendations from the WHO.

If you have any concerns or questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us.

Archive Storage

What is archive storage and why do we need it?

It is a legal requirement for a business to keep certain paperwork for 6 years before they can legally dispose of important documentation, as a result offices and homes get clogged up with years and years of paperwork that most likely will never see the light of day. So how do we get around this problem, storage of course! Putting them into storage is one of the safest things you can do and you can come back and refer to them at any point should you ever need to go through your old documents.

Who doesn’t want a clean office?

Are you feed up with having an office full of old paperwork that you can’t get rid of? Then storage is the perfect solution for you, here at Tiger Self Storage we offer units from big to small to tailor for everyone’s needs. This means that we will have a perfect unit for you. Storage units are a perfect way to keep everything you need without the mess.

So why would you need archive storage?

It’s a space saver for a start, who wouldn’t want more space in their office. It will also give you great peace of mind knowing that your documents are stored away safely and efficiently.

It’s extremely convenient to have your files archive away properly, for example you can have racking in the unit labelled A-Z and store the documents alphabetically to find exactly what you are looking for in a matter of minutes rather than going through box after box trying to find the right paperwork.

Have any doubts?

If you are thinking about archive storage with us please feel free to come by wherever’s best for, one of our members of staff would love to show you around and explain what we have to offer.


Do you ever just look around your house and feel so small in a room so big because it’s full of things you don’t want to throw away but don’t have any space for? If that’s the case then decluttering is the answer for you.

Start 2020 right and re-evaluate what you really need and what you don’t. Anything you need but don’t have the space for should go into storage. One of the first things to focus on is your Christmas decorations as Christmas has passed now what a good idea it would be to put all your Christmas decorations into storage rather than having it in a spare room taking up space at home.

Decluttering can make you feel really good, it feels good to let go of things you don’t need any more, it might sound really obvious but you will also have so much more space. Everyone has that junk room in their house that they are afraid to admit to having but how nice would it be to have that as a room you actually use, having a good clear out will make you feel better about the space you are living in. It also gives you more freedom, if you have a house full of things you don’t need it will tie you down into keeping hold of them and therefore putting them into storage is the perfect solution. You aren’t getting rid of it just putting it away in a safe environment. It might sound obvious but it will make cleaning so much easier, the less mess you have in the first place the quicker doing the cleaning will be, cleaning is a chore so my not make it easier on yourself.

It’s said that having a clear home gives you a clear mind.

So how do we come into this, well we offer units from 10 square foot all the way up to 200 square foot which are perfect for storing personal items that you don’t want to get rid of. We also offer discounts for long term clients; our clients can earn up to three months free storage with us for a 12 month stay. We are the ideal solution to all your storage needs and the best part is you can access your things 7 days a week. Head over to our storage estimator on our website to find your perfect unit with us

The benefits of self storage

Storage is becoming more and more popular with many different benefits to using self-storage, from moving home, student storage, vehicle and caravan storage, archiving, pallet and business storage. Storage facilities offer units from big to small to cater for all types of customers.

At Tiger Self Storage we offer state of the art security and insurance on all units with personalised access codes for each customer. The whole building is monitored by 24hour CCTV as well as being alarmed and gated at night to ensure maximum security.

We will give you a unique access code to the facility that allows you to come and go as much as you please. You can also stay as long as you would like, if you agree to stay for 1 week but decide you want to stay longer that is not a problem. We take payments month by month so you can extend your stay if you wish.

Lastly merchandise is always available to ensure quality storing, for example we can offer dust sheets which we always recommend and boxes to make the most of all your space.


Mission Christmas needs your help!

Why Mission Christmas? It’s a heartbreaking thought knowing that there are children across the UK who will wake up without a single present on Christmas morning.

As a family run business, Tiger Self Storage are very proud to be an official drop off point for Cash for Kids Mission Christmas 2019 which aims to ensure every child wakes up on Christmas morning with a gift to open.

How does it work? We ask that you kindly pop in to reception to drop off any new and unwrapped gifts suitable for children before 17th December 2019. We will store all donations in one of our secure indoor storage units until the lovely Mission Christmas team distribute them to local disadvantaged children in time for the special day.

More information? Please visit for more information and some inspiration for age suitable gift ideas.

We would love for you to join us and get involved if you are able to. It’s incredible how just one donation will make a difference and make it the most wonderful time of the year for all.

We can’t wait to see you with your generous donations!

Not Just Unit Storage

At Tiger Self Storage we offer a lot more than just unit storage. We also offer warehouse space for vehicles, caravan and pallet storage.

Car, Bike, pallet & Caravan Storage
We have a separate indoor warehouse for the storage of cars, bikes, pallets and caravans. Our facility is clean, dry, safe and has 24 hour CCTV for maximum security.

Prices for the warehouse storage are not included in the storage estimator, please contact reception for new customer prices.

Business Storage
With the law requiring archiving of particular documents for certain lengths of time, self-storage is a flexible and convenient option for businesses both small and large. Our staff are also always available during office hours to take any deliveries that may be required.

Service We Offer

Our storage centre offers simple, clean and convenient storage with no hidden fees. We offer a variety of units ranging from 10 sq. ft lockers to 150sqft which are more than capable of meeting your storage needs whilst all being at a reasonable price. We also offer vehicle storage in our warehouse space, as well as business and archive storage.

We have two loading bays for great accessibility to our storage centre, these loading bays are for customer use only and protected by personal access codes. Each tenant is given a unique 6-digit code to gain access to the storage facility at their own free will within the opening hours.

Not sure what size unit you will need? On our website we offer an accurate storage estimator that gives you a great indication of what size unit would be best for you; all you have to do is fill in a few basic details and you will be well underway.

At Tiger Self Storage we want the best for our customers, that’s why we have running discounts to give our customers something in return. Currently we are offer our customers free storage for minimum stay periods (up to three months free). We also run a refer a friend promotion, if a tenant refers a friend resulting in a successful transaction the customer who recommended the move will receive £25 cash back.

As a nice little addition we also offer our customers use of the kitchen in the office to make hot drinks for themselves when they are storing with us.