Try to box your things up room by room in your house and label each box, label the boxes by what room they come out of and what the content of the box is for example Matt’s room ‘toys’ this might sound a bit basic but once all these boxes go into storage they all look the same and you won’t be able to remember what is in what boxes a few months down the line. As a result of doing this when it comes to moving out and unloading the unit you will be able to find everything you are looking for so much faster thus saving time.

This is one tip that doesn’t get enough credit and that’s keep all your boxes the same size, if you keep all your boxes the same size and pack them full you can stack them on top of each other perfectly and make the most of every inch of space. Boxes don’t stack well if they are all different sizes and you will end up wasting space. If a box isn’t quite full fill it with something like news paper so the box doesn’t collapse in on itself. Should you wish to buy boxes from us here is a link to our online store:

When it comes to packing out your unit, organise the unit by putting the least needed things at the back and the most used things at the front for easy access this is only relevant if you will be coming and going from your unit, if you are putting it in and leaving it and this isn’t an issue then pack it as tight as possible.

If you can break it down do it! The thought of breaking furniture down to rebuild it at a later date is a headache but it means you will be able to utilise your unit space so much more efficiently as a result you might save yourself money because you won’t need such a big unit.

What happens if I still can’t fit it all in? Don’t worry, upgrading your unit is always an option. If you find you still can’t get it all in you can upgrade to a bigger unit or you can take out a secondary unit for anything you couldn’t quite make fit.