Good news winter is on its way out! You know what that means, time to get the summer cloths on and pack those bulky winter cloths away! However, where are you going to put them? We know how frustrating it can be having nowhere to put all your winter cloths so why not put them into storage for the summer and keep your bedroom clutter free.

Did you know that clothes are one of the biggest forms of clutter in the average house hold so how good would it be to put all your unwanted clothes into storage and only keep the ones you need, well at Tiger Self Storage

you can! We have ideal storage options for you that are perfect when it comes to decluttering your wardrobe. We understand how frustrating it can be having wardrobes full of nice cloths that you don’t want to get rid of but you just don’t have the space for.

It doesn’t just have to be for the summer, you can keep your perfect unit for as long as you want so as the seasons change you can organise your storage around what you need and when you will need it.

When it comes to storing clothes, we recommend one of two ways to store. The first way is put everything in vacuumed bags, you can fill the bag as much as you like then suck all the air out of it and have it vacuumed packed for maximum storage space. The other options is stackable plastic boxes, these are great because you can fit a lot of items in and stack them perfectly saving some much space in your unit or locker, using these storing options your things will also stay dust free.

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